Dragonflies represent change, emotional and physical, and change in self-actualization.  Dragonflies represent new perspectives and a new way of doing things.

You're tired of living with anxiety, flashbacks, lack of sleep, and depression.

There are many reasons you may be seeking out counseling now.  And you could continue to live with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) if you had to, but why do so when there is a way out?

Now is the time to live, not hide away from the world.

Letting people in is hard and letting people see the ugly parts is even harder.  Vulnerability is something that is hard for most people, we want people to see the best version of us.

But what if you found someone that you could trust with that vulnerability?  When you find that person there is no value you can place on it, it is unmeasurable. That person is out there and waiting to help you get past your trauma so you can live your life.

Getting help is easier than ever with all of the options out there, including therapy right in your own home.  Online therapy is just as effective as traditional therapy and you are not limited to the therapists in your town, which adds a security blanket of sorts.  And if online therapy is not for you - that is okay, as we also offer traditional therapy in person.  In addition, if we cannot help you, we can help you find someone who can.
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  1. "When I heard about EMDR, I knew I was in for something intense. That being said, the PTSD I was suffering was horrifying, and so "intense" seemed like the correct caliber of treatment for what I was going through. You might be able to imagine my surprise when Andrea took out the light bar for the first time and everything began to sink in. I thought I was either about to embark on a science fiction adventure or a good-old-fashioned trip down hypnotism lane. I can emphatically say now that neither of those scenarios was the case. EMDR has been perhaps the most terrifying and rewarding experience I have ever had. Through the shock, the pain, and the joys of releasing feelings that had been contained for years, Andrea was there to guide me, ground me, and keep the tissues close. It's hard to explain what it's like to engage with a hazy and traumatic past through EMDR therapy, but I can explain the need to have someone there with you that you can trust. Without Andrea's help, I would not have been able to traverse my past, let alone be able to try to rebuild my life outside of counseling sessions. If I make EMDR sound scary, or like a lot of work, it's because it is. I wouldn't want anyone to engage with it without knowing what they might be in for. That said, I would recommend EMDR therapy to anyone who feels they have to strength to try to process their trauma and the desire to live more happily. I cannot speak highly enough of EMDR therapy and what it has done for me. I believe that EMDR is truly extraordinary in the way that it helped me live the life I want to live and be the person I want to be, and it is elevated and enriched by compassionate practitioners like Andrea Charles." 

  2. "I have found huge success with EMDR having Andrea as my counselor. I never would have tried this but I really trusted her and felt comfortable enough to really go deep. One of the best things about EMDR is you don't really have to tell someone all of the (possibly gory) details of what it is you need to work through. I give her the gist of the situation or issue or whatever and then I walk myself through the thoughts that need to be sort of reprogrammed. She pauses me and keeps me on track, and makes sure I don't get so involved that I'm re-traumatizing myself. I do a lot of it as a floating invisible bystander that jumps in and saves the day.   A lot of times, it's like when you barely wake up from a dream but the ending is scary and you want to change it. That is how EMDR works for me. I think it requires a bit of imagination and the ability to really feel like I'm there living in my thoughts and I can make it end however I want. I create my happy ending. If a thought isn't willing to be reprogrammed then, I'm simply not ready yet, and we work on something else. I can't recommend her enough."
    ​-J.K., Idaho

  3. "Andrea Charles and EMDR has changed my life by helping me love myself, find hope, and be forgiven.  The memories that led to my feelings of hopelessness and being a victim of violence haunted me in my daily activities, my nightmares, and memories.  The irony that it was nearly impossible to sleep, yet felt physically unable to get out of bed, made it difficult to have any kind of life.  Through the therapeutic use of EMDR, I've been able to overcome my life long battle against PTSD and depression to take my life back.  Her integration of talk therapy, life planning, organizing my thoughts and feelings, and EMDR were the keys to forgiving and finding myself.  I no longer am simply going through the motions of surviving but actually finding hope and peace enough to truly live again!"
    - Jennifer, Moscow, ID